The number of bytes protected by LOCKBOX to date: 278,243,353,512

Secure File Transfer

Cloud-based secure file transfer services that let you exchange sensitive data with your customers. Gives you deep peace of mind and automatically helps you stay in compliance (HIPAA, HITECH, NERC CIP and more).

Mobile Security

Security solutions that help you protect the sensitive data on your mobile devices right now. And helps you prevent your mobile device from being the source of the next major data leak.

Secure Business Flow

An easy to use REST API that lets you add secure data exchange to your existing business flows. And lets you create new solutions using the power of cloud-computing securely and effortlessly.


When it comes to protecting your sensitive data, you want the people who specialize in security on your team. We are experienced Internet security experts and security developers. Our members are recognized experts and have helped protect some of the industry's highest value and most attacked sites.

Protecting sensitive data can be daunting. LOCKBOX can help.

Why choose us?

Exclusive data protection technology

Our patent-pending data protection and privacy platform automatically applies high security to your most sensitive data.

Let us do all the work so you don't have to. You get peace of mind knowing that your data is well protected and in compliance (HIPAA/HITECH, NERC CIP, SOX and more).

You get experienced Internet security experts on your team

Some companies, with little experience in security, use "security" as a marketing gimmick just to get you to sign up. When it comes to protecting your sensitive data you want to partner with a company that actually specializes in Internet security.

We have over 15 years experience as professional and legal hackers. We're published authors and security researchers. And we've help protect some of the world's most high valued and targeted digital assets.

Professional, easy-to-use and effortless

Our software solutions are professional, easy-to-use and effortless. This means you can get back to focusing on your business. And you can stop wasting yours and your customer's valuable time with complicated and frustrating tools.


"(LOCKBOX) ... a powerful and reliable way to exchange sensitive data while safeguarding it from online and physical threats."